Data Privacy FAQ

When do you collect my data?

BioFortis collects data when you request information at conferences or on our website, and when providing contracted services or products.

What sort of data do you collect?

BioFortis primarily collects contact information, including name, work email, work phone number, company, and title. BioFortis may also collect financial information for billing purposes, and any additional data you provide to customer support.

How do you use my data?

BioFortis uses your data to provide you with information about BioFortis products, to conduct contracted business operations, to bill you for provided products and services, and to provide customer support.

Who else sees my data?

BioFortis will NEVER sell your data to a third party. BioFortis will only disclose your data to a third party when required by law or at your request.

What about the data I load into Labmatrix and Qiagram?

You own the data you enter into BioFortis products. If Labmatrix® or Qiagram® applications are hosted by BioFortis, BioFortis may access the database for backup purposes. BioFortis will not view the data within the database during backup.

BioFortis may also access the data in response to your specific request, for support or consulting purposes.

What are your data backup and disaster recovery strategies?

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Do you support SAML SSO?


Do you participate in Privacy Shield?

BioFortis is Privacy Shield Certified. See more about it here.