BioFortis, a leading specialty clinical trials technology services provider today announced its Accelerate Partner Program. BioFortis specializes in supporting the industry’s need for complex biospecimen and consent management and tracking solutions for clinical trials. This program is designed specifically to create an ecosystem of providers bringing to the industry a diverse set of capabilities to support their trials. The program offers a formal yet flexible partnering model to support organizations of varying sizes and areas of expertise to leverage BioFortis’ Labmatrix technology platform.

The decision to create a partner channel comes in response to growing demand by sponsors and their outsourcing partners for a technology platform that enhances the conduct of biomarker-driven studies with complex sample requirements. BioFortis is leveraging its existing, successful relationships and industry-leading experience to build a program that supports the industry’s requirements across multiple global regions, market segments, and adoption models.

Partners joining the Accelerate Program receive flexible licensing and incentives with dedicated personnel, training, and support to assure the highest level of service and quality benefits to their sponsors. The combination of BioFortis technology solutions and unique services provided by a broad range of partners enables sponsors to address all Clinical Trial Sample and patient consent Tracking (CTST) needs.

Partner types include:
•CRO Partners: Optimizing the outsourcing of sample and consent management.
•Lab Partners: Providing advanced capabilities for tracking, managing, and reporting on clients' samples.
•Technology & Integration Partners: Fostering an environment of collaborative research through the use of standards and prebuilt integrations.

Organizations interested in joining BioFortis' Accelerate Partner Program or in working with certified BioFortis Accelerate Program Partners can learn more at

About BioFortis
BioFortis is a leading provider of clinical development technology solutions which empower complete biospecimen lifecycle management. Its flagship product, Labmatrix, provides clinical trial sample & consent tracking, study subject & biobank management, and sophisticated data management capabilities leveraging the full potential of patient and sample-related information. With enterprise-level capabilities for integrating eClinical and bioresearch data collections in a harmonized, tightly-linked, and regulatory-compliant manner, Labmatrix empowers its users to easily ask sophisticated ad hoc questions and generate insights, reports, and dashboard visualizations. For more information, contact us at info(at)biofortis(dot)com, visit, or follow BioFortis on LinkedIn