The BioFortis Accelerate Partner Program is designed to create a collaborative ecosystem of service providers, integrators, and technology platforms. This ecosystem enables the clinical research community to more effectively manage the operational complications associated with complex, biospecimen-based studies.


Partner Types

CRO Partners:  Optimizing the outsourcing of sample and consent management; providing CRO partners the training and support to deliver to their sponsors the highest level of services.

Lab Partners: Providing advanced capabilities for tracking, managing, and reporting on clients' samples.

Technology & Integration Partners: Fostering an environment of collaborative research through the use of standards and prebuilt integrations.


Accelerate Partners Receive:

  • Dedicated support personnel in sales, messaging development, proposal generation, program/project management, and technical support
  • Specialty Training in dedicated areas
  • Certification to assure the best utilization of BioFortis technologies
  • Governance to assure an effective  co-delivery model of our solutions
  • Financial incentives
  • An opportunity for a seat on our commercial advisory boards (CABs)
  • Co-Marketing and Sales Support services

Contact us to find out more about becoming a partner, or how your organization could leverage our existing partner network.


Accelerate Partner Program Inquiries




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