Web based clinical and translational data management

Driven by the vision of personalized medicine and increased externalization by pharmaceutical companies, life science and healthcare data continues to explode in size and complexity. Collection and harmonization of disparate clinical, molecular, patient research and biospecimen data is key to effective research, but presents challenges in terms of access, organization, security and compliance. In addition, creating a holistic view of that data is vital so that multiple stakeholders and domain experts are able to collaboratively explore the data and generate scientific insights.

Designed to cope with today’s research and healthcare data sets

Developed to address just these challenges, Labmatrix® is a web-accessible clinical & translational research management software system used for information management and integration of patient, clinical, specimen, genetic and molecular assay data. With the ability to integrate these data sets in a tightly linked, highly annotated manner, Labmatrix has the kind of flexibility, security and data access control today’s scientists require for information management of biomarker discovery, next generation biobanking, pre-clinical and clinical studies and translational research efforts.

Harmonized holistic views of data drive research

Unlike spreadsheets, text files and “home-grown” databases,  Labmatrix allows organizations to create rich, integrated “information hubs” that provide a fully accessible holistic view on research data to drive scientific insights and meaningful decisions.

Easy integration into your existing informatics infrastructure

Labmatrix’s powerful integration tools allow you to easily incorporate biobanking, translational and clinical research, and biomarker-based discovery data management into  existing informatics and IT infrastructure. Legacy systems can be federated in, rather than having to undertake time consuming data migration. Our sophisticated integration tools include user-friendly file importers, an advanced scheduling / staging / conditioning data loading framework, as well as modern programmatic interfaces.

Why  choose Labmatrix for your biobanking, translational research, clinical study and biomarker discovery data management?

Labmatrix was developed for clinical and translational research, so at its core is the concept of  managing of patient, samples, clinical and molecular data and the challenges these data pose. Specifically Labmatrix offers:

  • Agnostic technology to therapeutic area or research domain
  • Able to manage data in a secure, centralized repository
  • Comprehensive integration with other applications and database systems, e.g. electronic medical records, clinical trial management systems, LIMS, and other research applications such as genomic or proteomic databases
  • Enables flexible user-driven electronic data capture forms without additional programming or customization
  • Flexible and fine-grained user access control
  • Requires minimal training
  • Helps your organization in conforming to regulatory compliance standards (e.g. HIPAA, 21CFR.11) and securing PHI
  • Supported by a dedicated team that includes life science researchers, bioinformaticists, and information technology professionals