Clinical Trial Sample & Consent Tracking

Follow the patient, follow the sample.

Patient samples are the lifeblood of your biomarker-driven clinical trials. Our unique software solution tracks these samples through their lifecycle across the ecosystem of sites, labs, biorepositories, and other trial partners. 

Your study teams are empowered with up-to-date, accurate and actionable insights on biospecimen and related patient informed consent activities, boosting trial execution productivity while reducing operational and compliance risks for both ongoing trials and future translational medicine studies.

Next Generation Biobanking

A biobank is a liability, not an asset – unless and until it can provide significant value for scientific research. LIMS traditionally treats biobanking as a stand-alone activity, but we see the biobank as just one component in an integrated translational and clinical research ecosystem.

This requires an IT solution that seamlessly supports data integration, data management, and advanced search capabilities, in addition to operational biobanking workflows. With Next Generation Biobanking, you can reap the benefits of a well-annotated patient and sample database that supports precision medicine, clinical trials, translational research, and patient registries.

Data Exploration, Supercharged

Navigating the path to precision medicine is quickly becoming a "big data" problem, necessitating the harmonization of disparate healthcare, biomarker, clinical research, and real world evidence data sets.

The ability to integrate, standardize, and turn the various sets of “big data” into “smart data” is key to producing scientific insights. Our patented Qiagram® technology empowers scientific minds in hypothesis generation and evaluation by allowing researchers to easily ask sophisticated ad hoc questions about complex data sets via an intuitive visual interface.


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"We didn't know where or what was happening with our clinical trial biospecimens, and it would take weeks to compile a report. Using Labmatrix, we've established an immediately-accessible, single source of truth and accountability hub for all our clinical samples."
Director, Clinical R&D IT

Director, Clinical R&D IT Global Pharmaceutical Company

"After putting Labmatrix in service, we gained new abilities to review and analyze sample data, including 1) trends by site, country, or vendor, 2) full chain of custody across our vendors, and 3) sample expiry and other consent-driven activities."
Director, Clinical Operations

Director, Clinical Operations Global Biologics R&D Company

RBM for Biospecimens

Biospecimen-based data usually represent the majority of study data in regulatory submissions. However, Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) plans often do not cover risks stemming from clinical trial sample operations.  As a result, today’s RBM plans only account for a fraction of the true spectrum of study execution risks. By including a sample-centric perspective in your RBM strategy, you are filling an import gap in your clinical trial risk management activities.