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why BioFortis

Why BioFortis

Driven largely by the promise of personalized medicine, increased externalization by pharmaceutical companies and digitization of medical records, today’s landscape of medical and life science research is characterized by unprecedented depth, breadth and variety of data. The search for new therapies, basic science, biomarkers, the interest in next generation sequencing and clinical trials are all dependent on what we are calling “frictionless information exchange”, i.e. the ability to efficiently and effectively obtain actionable outcomes from an ever expanding data universe of so-called “big data”. Frictionless information exchange involves collection and harmonization of disparate clinical, molecular, patient research and even biospecimen data, but presents challenges in terms of access, organization, security and compliance. In addition, creating a holistic view of that data is vital so that multiple stakeholders and domain experts are able to collaboratively explore the data and generate scientific insights.

The answer is BioFortis, the platform for clinical and translational research, biobanking and biomarker-based discovery. With our web-based, enterprise-class, scientific intelligence solutions, BioFortis empowers your researchers to easily gain scientific insights using a collaborative environment that delivers a holistic view of multiple, large and disparate data sources.

Because research is distributed

Conventional  systems can often struggle with managing data in a complex research ecosystem of various stakeholders. With increased externalization of research and collaborations between pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, healthcare systems and academic medical centers information is no longer stored in monolithic databases. The BioFortis platform was built from the ground up to cope with the demands of distributed data sources, legacy systems and different data-types to ensure unhindered but compliant information exchange.

Because connections between data are vital

Linking multiple clinical, molecular, research, assay and biospecimen data is critical to today’s biomarker-based discovery, translational research,  and biomarker-led clinical trials. With BioFortis’ Labmatrix® web based data management system collection, harmonization and integration of these kinds of data sources can be easily performed. Your researchers benefit from access to a unified, highly interconnected information hub from which to gain their next scientific insights.

Because research is multidisciplinary

To answer the kinds of questions posed by today’s research challenges demands tools that allow researchers to collaboratively explore data and formulate their hypotheses. With BioFortis’ Qiagram® scientific intelligence tool, your researchers benefit from an environment that fosters Deep Collaboration, allowing multidisciplinary data to be explored by domain experts to generate actionable, testable hypotheses. Your researchers are no longer constrained by the number, complexity and depth of questions they need to ask of their data. Finally you can turn big data into smart data.

Because you have to be a good data steward

There is tremendous value in linking patient  clinical and healthcare data to research data, however along with this comes the responsibility to secure potentially sensitive personal health information (PHI), while ensuring access to those who need it. Developed in a translational research setting, core to Labmatrix is a comprehensive and fine-grained approach to security, balancing PHI with the needs of researchers who need to use the data. Your organization can ensure security and compliance and respond to regulatory enquiries with confidence.

Because innovation is key

The landscape of scientific information is in constant flux, new assay technologies, next generation sequencing, imaging are added seemingly on a weekly basis. Leveraging these innovations requires information systems capable of adapting quickly as new technologies prove valuable. With BioFortis, flexibility and adaptability is baked-in, so your IT team can quickly get a new data source, workflow or novel approach in front of your researchers with minimum effort. The agility to respond to change and capitalize on innovations is a key factor in driving better research outcomes.