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Learn more about BioFortis’ software solutions for next generation biobanking, biomarker-based research, pre-clinical and clinical studies and translational research. Review our extensive list of case studies, where researchers like you have used BioFortis software to drive their research. Take a moment to check out our smartSample Blog.

Case Studies

Explore how our products are creating real outcomes for researchers in translational research, biomarker-based discovery, clinical studies, personalized medicine and biobanking.


Download from our library of Whitepapers and get a more in-depth  understanding of how BioFortis' cutting edge software solutions empower researchers like you to make data more useful by making data smarter.

Application Notes and Posters

We have shared some of the most relevant and interesting scientific stories from our experience in the form of Application Notes and Posters.

Video and Media

Check out our dedicated video channel for training and overview videos of our software


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