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Clinical Trial Sample Management

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Clinical Trials Sample and Consent Tracking

With biomarker-driven clinical trials, critical decisions are dependent on collected patient samples. However, current support for clinical trial sample operations do not scale well with the increased volume and complexity demands in such trials. This lack of proper support hinders study team productivity, which negatively impacts trial execution, and poses significant regulatory compliance risks for the sponsor.

The ideal solution is an informatics system that is able to show up-to-date sample activities and relevant support data across all your clinical trial teams and partners, and provide actionable insights that result in earlier and more effective issue resolution.


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BioFortis is the first company to commercially support biospecimen tracking from a full lifecycle perspective in a distributed ecosystem of clinical trial sponsor, sites, labs, vendors, and biobanks.

Our proven technology solution incorporates best practices from working with biomarker-driven trial teams over the past few years, and has been in use to track biospecimens and related patient informed consents in more than 1000 trials.


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