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solutions for biobanking, clinical and translational research

BioFortis’ award-winning software solutions are being applied to clinical trial sample & consent tracking, next generation biobanking, and research data management & exploration.

Clinical Trial Sample and Consent Tracking

Clinical Trial Sample Management and Consent Tracking: as biomarker-based clinical trials become commonplace, robust and effective tracking and management of the samples from the trial is becoming a critical need to ensure efficient in-life and future use of specimens. Learn more about our solution

Next Generation Biobanking

Is your biobank ready for the demands of biomarker research? As biomarker-based clinical research becomes commonplace there is an expectation that biobanks drive investigational research, which poses challenges for conventional biobanking software.  Download the The Next Generation Biobanking Whitepaper, today.

Translational Research

Translational research attempts to bridge the gap between the genomic and clinical divide to deliver better outcomes for patients. Due to the large quantities of data on both sides of this divide, frictionless infomation exchange is key, but places demands on traditional infromatics systems. BioFortis informatics solutions are ideally suited to translational research.

Biomarker-based discovery

Biomarker-based clinical trials and biomarker-based discovery are commonplace as pharma, biotech and healthcare organizations strive to realize the vision of personalized medicine. Effective biomarker-based research depends on uniting clinical and research information, which poses significant challenges to existing informatics infrastructures.